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The bad example has already spread among the officials of the 4T and supposedly autonomous organizations, such as the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), of blaming the media and the “blessed social networks” for the inability they have to comply with the responsibilities conferred by the Magna Carta.

Between evasions, blaming others and lying, the current public officials live it, who headed by the president himself, do not manage to solve the most pressing problems that Mexico is going through.

One of the pillar organizations of democracy, in charge of ensuring human rights, has a head who has not only failed to issue recommendations to preserve the fundamental rights of Mexicans, but has also become a troupe of the head of the federal Executive .

Upon entering San Lázaro to appear before the Human Rights Commission of the lower house, Rosario Piedra railed against the media, because, she said, they distort everything: “it is an appearance of what the Commission has done, because there is a lot of distortion in the media, and that is what we want to report truthfully, not the infodemic that is circulating.”

He warned upon his arrival at the venue that he would speak about the CNDH’s recommendation on electoral matters; “for example, that is one of the things that I am going to report, and many others.”

In times when the defense of human rights in the world is experiencing crucial moments due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the overwhelming migration, the mobilization of thousands of displaced people and the imposition of dictatorial regimes in our country, the CNDH is conspicuous by its absence in major issues such as, for example, the protection of women and girls or the control of vast regions of the country by organized crime.

The international organization Human Rights Watch has warned that the administration of President López Obrador continues the tendency of his predecessors to record serious human rights violations, acts that often go unpunished.

Torture, forced disappearances, abuses against migrants, extrajudicial executions, gender violence, attacks and murders against journalists and human rights defenders have continued during the current government.

The militarization and expansion of powers and tasks that the Armed Forces now have are also breeding grounds for great concern among international observers about what is happening in Mexico.

HRW has put its finger on the wound, in the case of the attention of the Covid-19 pandemic by the Mexican government, since at the time it did not apply the basic recommendations, even issued by the World Health Organization .

The result, more than 700,000 deaths and that, a good part of them, could have been avoided. If, for example, the purchase of vaccines and their immediate application had been accelerated, or at least recommended the use of face masks at the time, instead of mocking the issue, suggesting that with “stamps of saints” it was more than enough.

The various public sector health institutions, such as the Ministry of Health, headed by Jorge Alcocer and Hugo López-Gatell; as well as the Insabi, IMSS and ISSSTE, have a lot to explain in terms of their bad decisions, ineptitude and negligence in the breach of their responsibilities and that, at least, the CNDH should have pointed out, since, even, the omissions of the holders of these dependencies were from the criminal sphere.

López-Gatell and the ‘secretary Vick Vaporub’, as Alcocer is known, for recommending this product to children to heal from Covid-19, instead of vaccinating them immediately as happened in much of the world, they walk freely free of any accusation, for the moment, while, in other countries, they have sanctioned health officials who failed to protect the population.

If someone wants to know about how a human rights organization should not work, they just have to take a little tour of the organization that runs a Stone and they will realize the crisis that Mexico is experiencing on this issue.

It is good that public servants with a relevant position come to render accounts before the Legislative Power, bad that many of them are only going to lie or blame everyone, instead of recognizing their limitations.

What is relevant about the appearances or work meetings of the officials before the legislators are the statements made by the popular representatives, regarding the deficiencies of the dependencies and, above all, the responses and reports of those members of the 4T.

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