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On November 20, the inauguration of the Qatar 2022 World Cup took place, which has been full of controversy not only by some fans or football figures, but by the same entity that governs it: FIFA.

Since Qatar was chosen as the venue for the 2022 World Cup, there have been disagreements on the part of athletes and countries, who considered that a World Cup party, where the values ​​of peace and union between nations predominate, could not be organized by a country accused of violating Human rights.

FIFA scandals during Qatar 2022

Four days after the start of the World Cup, FIFA has been the subject of some controversies and scandals around the tournamentwhich involve bribes and prohibitions on the freedom of expression of the different selections.

FIFA executive declares he is gay; Gianni Infantino defends Qatar

One day before the start of the World Cup, bryan swansonFIFA communication director, acknowledged that he is gay and said he felt supported by the organization.

“I would like to say something using this platform. I feel here in Qatar in a privileged position, in front of the whole world, as a gay man (…) I have spent some time working alongside Infantino. I am gay as are many others in FIFA and I have always felt supported,” he told the media.

In his speech, Gianni Infantinopresident of FIFA, said he felt “Arab, gay and a migrant worker”, for which he asked to criticize him and not Qatar as the venue for the most important soccer tournament.

Likewise, he described the negative comments as unfair and hypocritical and defended the inclusion that governs the organization. “Don’t divide, the world is already divided enough. We organize a World Cup, not a war”.

FIFA sanctions teams for wearing rainbow bracelets

In recent days, FIFA communicated the imposition of sporting sanctions to the teams whose captains tried to wear the ‘One Love’ bracelet in support of the LGBT+ community and as a symbol of inclusion and diversity.

“We are very frustrated by FIFA’s decision, which we believe is unprecedented,” the associations said in a joint statement. England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland are the teams affected by this decision.

Germany national team protests against FIFA; they say threatened

The players of the German national team covered their mouths in the team photo before their first game in the World Cup in protest against FIFA’s actions over his plans to wear an anti-discrimination armband against hosts Qatar.

The team lined up for the traditional formation before kick-off against Japan and all 11 players covered their mouths with their right hands.

“It was a gesture from the team, from us, that FIFA is muzzling us,” Germany coach Hansi Flick said.

FIFA investigates Ecuador and Mexico for discriminatory shouting

In an act of ‘vindication’, the Disciplinary Commission of the FIFA opened a file on Wednesday against the Mexican Soccer Federation for the songs of national fans during the debut of the team in the World Cup in Qatar against Poland.

The procedure started based on the article 13 of the FIFA Disciplinary Codewhich refers to discrimination. For this same reason, the Ecuadorian Football Association also received a file against him.

FIFA included a corrupt referee?

referee Janny Sikazwe has earned a place among the darlings of the FIFA Refereeing Committee, for which he was present at the match between Canada and Belgium at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

However, he has a long history of controversial situations on the field, such as whistling prematurely, ‘forgiving’ fouls and even committing acts of corruption.

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