Fracture in Morena? – DebtInflation

The divisions in the Morena bench could reconfigure the board in the Senate. At the meeting of the cherry bench, prior to yesterday’s plenary session, there were shouts and hats. The version spreads in the corridors of the Upper House that Ricardo Monreal He received an ultimatum from his colleagues, who asked him to define himself before the parade in support of the Palace tenant or, otherwise, they would have said, the door is too wide. In the plural group, which coordinates Emilio Alvarez Icaza, They said they were willing to talk with Monreal, in case the official bench breaks, to build “a new majority.” Could it be that the Zacatecan will not be able to ‘carry the pilgrims’?

Defense of the INE… in Qatar?

The fight in favor of the INE is reaching Qatar, thanks to civil organizations such as the National Civic Front and Mexico Civil Society, which are asking that, once the national anthem is finished before the Mexico match against Argentina, the compatriots who go to the stadium shout “The INE is not touched!”. In any case, that cry would be better than the homophobic song, which has already caused so many problems for the team.

Ciro highlights the relevance of the march

By the way, the #ElINENoSeToca march served to commit the PRI to going against the electoral reform, and now the government is preparing its plan B, since those led by alito Dark They already wanted to apply the same tactic with which they voted in favor to keep the Armed Forces on the streets, so these mobilizations are important and show that democracy does have someone to defend it. That was the opinion of the electoral adviser Cyrus Murayamaduring a presentation at the Intercontinental University.

Adam goes for Alito again

Against the grain, they tell us that, in the offices of Morena in San Lázaro, they are already waiting, new account, to the Governor, Adán Augusto López, to “operate with the PRI” AMLO’s electoral reform. They assure that “there are several ways and issues” with which they hope to reach agreements with the tricolor. Even though, inside and outside the Legislative Palace, the PRI national president, Alejandro Moreno, has already made it clear to the PAN and the PRD that he is “a reliable ally” and that he will not endorse the presidential initiative, the Moreno members insisted yesterday that “nothing is ruled out, there are open cracks” and that “the secretary is still alito”, since “there are possibilities of arrangements”.

Support for the “carry” for Sunday

The Morenista deputies in San Lázaro accepted that they are going to “support as much as possible” the “carrying” for the march called by AMLO next Sunday. It even transpired that they will contribute 5 thousand pesos each. “We are going to support, if someone needs a lift from Jalisco to CDMX, they can come with me. The deputies are organizing ourselves,” he said. hamlet garcia. He said that “there are people in the neighborhoods who organize to see if they complete a truck.” It’s not hauling, but… “How do you want citizens to get to CDMX?” asked the legislator.

Promotion of the march, in the Metro

The panista senator Kenya Lopez Rabadan He claimed that the government is using the budget to promote the President’s march this Sunday, instead of using those resources to maintain public transportation (which, by the way, is sorely lacking). Nor that it needs to fix the multiple leaks that exist, the electrical problems that it presents or, already lost, that something be done to combat the theft of wallets and cell phones. There as yours…

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