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The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a 30 percent increase in the data consumptions of the fixed telecommunication networksdriven by the home office, the online school and the greater consumption of content on demand, which led operators such as Megacable, Izzi, Totalplay, Telmex and Telnorte to “put more speed” into their packages to enter the ‘ It was Gigabyte’ with 1 gig plans, much higher than the basic 50 megabytes and double the 500 megabytes that until now had been the favorites.

“Given the demand for more browsing data during 2022, operators such as Megacable, Izzi, Totalplay, Telmex and Telnorte began to market 1 gigabyte packages, a speed much higher than the average packages of 50 megabytes per second of browsing,” he commented. Santiago Escalona, ​​head of strategic marketing at Nokia Mexico.

He explained that the “was gigabyte” consists of the growing demand for higher capacities Y speed of data downloadwhich has led companies to offer more robust navigation plans that are capable of satisfying the needs of users.

Currently in Mexico, one gigabyte plans reach a value that goes from 1,480 pesos to 1,799 pesos per month; however, it is expected that by 2026 its cost will decrease by up to 60 percent.

“Although it is true that, for now, 1 gigabyte packages are not accessible to the bulk of the population, it is estimated that by 2026 more than 50 percent of Internet users have this type of plans, which will be up to 50 or 60 percent cheaper than they are today,” added Escalona.

According to data from the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), in 2022, the percentage of packages with browsing speeds greater than 50 megabytes have increased, going from 20 to 26 percent; meanwhile, the offer with speeds below 50 Mbps has been reduced from 54 percent in 2021 to 48 percent in 2022.

Screens and gamers, put the accelerator more

Santiago Escalona affirmed that the technology that is currently being developed and that which is to come will detonate the demand for higher gigabytes of navigation in fixed networks.

“It is estimated that by 2026, 60 percent of the population in Mexico will have a 4K screen, which requires high browsing speeds for users to enjoy image quality; however, we already see that some companies are about to launch 8K screens, which will demand even more browsing data capacity,” said the Nokia executive.

Together with 4 and 8K televisions, video games will be another of the factors that will drive the demand for more robust navigation plans, not only due to the growing number of gamers, but also due to the increase in the development of video games that are played online. .

According to the opinion of José Garcés Rosas, regional field marketing professional at Amdocs, there are currently 65 million video gamers in the country, a figure that will grow in the following years.

“In the following years, a growth trend will be maintained in the number of gamers in Mexico, it is estimated that the annual growth average will be 2 percent, that is to say that each year around 3 million people will join this activity” detailed José Garcés.

Meanwhile, the manager of Nokia in Mexico pointed out that more and more is committed to the online game developmentwhich have better graphics and, therefore, will require higher internet speeds so that the experience is the best.

The head of strategic marketing at Nokia Mexico estimates that the income of telecommunications companies could grow up to 40 percent more, once they manage to place a greater number of thousand-megabyte navigation packages.

“Although operators will have to invest up to 10 or 20 times more in the purchase of infrastructure for access points like the ones we offer at Nokia, it should be noted that the profits they will be able to obtain will be up to 40 percent greater than those they obtain now that its market is focused on offering packages of less than 50 megabytes of navigation”, explained Santiago Escalona.

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