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As of next August, 12 of the 29 ‘orange limousines’ of the latest generation will walk the rails of the Subway Line 1. Its mission: combat the crowds, delays and mechanical failures of the oldest and most used route of the Collective Transportation System (STC).

This is how he made it known subway manager, Guillermo Calderonduring a tour of the train assembly plant for Line 1 held this Thursday, November 24.

According to the authorities, the 29 new trains that will provide service on Line 1 of the Metro will have the capacity to transport 35 percent more usersthanks to the fact that they will have nine wagons and a length of 150 meters, by 2.5 meters in front and 3.60 meters high.

When will the new Metro Line 1 trains be in service?

The general director of the Metro explained that Train 1, which arrived directly from China at the El Rosario Metro Workshopis completed, while train 2 will arrive in Mexico in the coming weeks.

He explained that overall 27 trains will be assembled at the Querétaro plantwhere 180 workers and specialists from the Metro rolling stock area work to conclude the manufacturing of the units.

Subway Line 1

Calderón explained that in the plant the wiring and piping pre-assembly, installing doorsas well as interior and exterior equipment that make up the trains. In addition, mechanical tests are carried out for the debugging of systems.

When talking about when the green light will be given to the new Line 1 units, the director of the Metro explained that They estimate the delivery of two trains per month. However, he said, first they will carry out a series of tests in the Rosario workshops.

Subway Line 1

For that reason, 12 of the new convoys will begin to circulate in August 2023while the rest will enter operations until the middle of 2024before the end of the government of Claudia Sheinbaum in Mexico City.

Regarding the cost, Guillermo Calderón explained that each train costs 300 million pesos.

‘User-based design’: this is how the new trains of Line 1 of the Metro are

Before the tour, Guillermo Calderón announced the characteristics that the new trains of Line 1 of the Metro will have:

  • State-of-the-art monitoring and control system for autopilot.
Subway Line 1
  • Capacity for 2 thousand 200 users. The trains that provided service before the closure of Metro Line 1 had a capacity of 1,800.
  • 9 carriages per train.
Subway Line 1
  • 25 percent more energy savings compared to previous trains.
  • They are made of lighter aluminum.
Subway Line 1
  • Recovery of braking energy.
  • 8 surveillance cameras in each carriagethat is, 72 per train.
Subway Line 1
  • The screens will inform about the next station and arrival time.
  • fiber optic internet to improve the user wi-fi network.
  • Spaces for people with disabilities

In addition to revealing the characteristics, the director of the Metro explained that a train will arrive at a station in 90 to 100 secondswith which they will seek to reduce the agglomeration of passengers.

He also explained that each convoy will have a special camera that will allow the driver notices in advance if a person fell onto the tracks.

Calderón explained that the trains that provide service on Line 1 will be distributed to other Lines.

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