PET recycling and supply plant inaugurated in Veracruz – DebtInflation

Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF), led by John Santa Maria, and ALPLA, a world leader in plastic packaging solutions, headed here Carlos Torres Ballesteroswill inaugurate today the first of 18 plants destined to supply food grade PET to its New Ecology Plant in Tabasco “PLANETA”, which is under construction.

They tell us that this supply plant, located in Veracruz, has an annual storage capacity of 2,000 tons of post-consumer bottles that will be reintegrated into the cycle of use and reduction of environmental impact, in a circular economy approach.

Both companies that make up this alliance invested $337,000 in this facility, as part of their commitment to contribute to the development of southeastern Mexico to turn it into a development node with social, environmental, and economic benefits for the communities. It is estimated that the plant generates more than 300 direct and indirect jobs in the area.

The purpose is clear: to advance with firm actions on the path of sustainability. In the case of Coca-Cola FEMSA, this implies that 100 percent of its containers are recyclable by 2025, among other clear goals that each company has set to reduce, recycle, and reuse containers and packaging by 2030.

Triumph in the Entrepreneurship World Cup Mexico 2022

Expediente Azul, a technological platform that digitizes the process of collecting and classifying documents and data, founded by Juan Carlos González Y Roberto Ibarra, won, in the Growth category, the Entrepreneurship World Cup Mexico 2022, one of the largest and most diverse contests for launching startups and support programs of its kind. This victory ensures the company a pass to the EWC world finals that will take place during March 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where in addition to representing Mexico, they will meet with more than 370,000 entrepreneurs from more than 200 countries. .

They explain that the EWC has awarded $3 million in prize money, $150 million in in-kind prizes, and has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs of all levels to reach the next phase of their venture with free access to training and resources. first level.

Expediente Azul is a platform that reduces the abandonment rate of clients, from 58 to 25 percent, due to its punctual follow-up that helps keep the document delivery process active, also allows the integration of documents and complete files 50 percent faster than doing it without your system. Currently, the platform has processed more than 600 thousand documents

They estimate 400 million pesos in energy savings for pharmaceuticals

The Mexican company Veolus, which runs Francisco Torres Luquinspecialized in the optimization and management of energy consumption and sanitization of facilities from different industries, estimates that in a project that it implements for an important player in the pharmaceutical sector it will achieve savings of up to 400 million pesos in a period of 20 years through a cleaner energy generation system through efficient cogeneration and correct global management of facilities, which is key to achieving these objectives.

In addition, it will be possible to avoid the emission of 145 thousand 294 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in said period, due to the use of alternative energies, which are cleaner and cheaper, as well as the implementation of energy efficiency projects, with which manages to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact, obtaining significant reductions in energy and economic costs.

Veolus technically and economically optimizes the operation of the equipment. It seeks that its clients focus their attention on their main business, thus allowing them to have greater flexibility, improvements in efficiency, performance and cost reduction.

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