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On November 25, the 16 days of activism of the Orange @ONU Campaign begin in the middle of the World Cup in Qatar, so criticized for the consistent violation of Human Rights both for the exploitation of migrants and for legal repression for gender reasons.

The UN established 16 days in which activities are concentrated to eradicate violence against women and girls in the world, beginning with the death anniversary of the Mirabal sisters (11/25) and closing on December 10 with the International Day of human rights.

What a coincidence! An international campaign to eradicate precisely the bad practices that are tolerated in the richest country in the world.

The Mirabal sisters were killed by the government in November 1960, disguised as an accident. The truth is that they were missing for days, they were tortured, they wanted to destroy their dignity and determination through rape.

December 10 commemorates why in 1948 the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “a historic document that proclaims the inalienable rights that correspond to every person as a human being, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political opinion…”

Over time, human rights collide with economic interests and then everyone becomes silent, turns elsewhere and forgets about the victims, the injustices and the suffering they cause. Migration is not a temporary hobby, it is the result of decades of foreign intervention to maintain control of those who govern territories rich in renewable, energy resources, in geographically strategic places to maintain control under the name of peace.

And also over time, violence against women collides with the same economic interests that protect rapists, stalkers and murderers. How are you going to destroy X’s career for a little girl who got into bed? Just as they tell the story and then overlap, postpone and postpone the justice that never comes.

Of the migration, women are the most attacked, the ones who vanish in any dark street, the ones who must do favors so that the coyote allows the family to continue their journey. Women and girls in the hands of the system continue to be more defenseless than the rest because it is not only the injustices, the abuse, the well-known mistreatment, they also have to suffer stalking, the desire to become invisible so that one or another does not notice it. , do not harass her, do not rape her.

You can see some women in the World Cup, those who go with their teams, some goal referees, the girls who accompany the players by the hand when they enter the field. They are covered by the rights of their countries, by FIFA’s criteria and even so, anguish appears, the desire that nothing will happen to them.

In addition, this year the Campaign competes with the marches and countermarches, the pink waves in response; the electoral reform and the request of the society to the local congresses not to approve it; the pressure on the Nuevo León government that breaks the traditional perks, the money that withholds from the municipalities, the amount of dirty laundry that they are taking out.

On November 25 the Orange Campaign begins and there are 16 activism to eradicate violence against women and girls… that it does not fade away.

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