The Yo-Yo – DebtInflation

I propose a march, first to support my electoral reform, and then I change, to support my government. I leave my Palace and I summon assistants. I lead the way. I pay the expenses. I give the speech. I retire to my Palace. What was the name of the act? The March of the YO-YO.

All for ME to make amends. I am the owner of the streets. I am the one of the protests. I polarize. I want to continue in charge of the country. The ego of the YO-YO is hurt. That is why he is going to force the largest march ever seen, with the support of the federal and state governments, mayors’ offices, and municipalities. Because I help thousands and thousands of families, I deserve that recognition.

How dare the others protest? How do they oppose my proposals to control the electoral process? How do they take to the streets? With dogs, children, strollers and wheelchairs? How do you want to maintain the privilege of democracy that was already expressed in 2018? Enough of maintaining those privileges. With or without opposition parties, I am going to change the electoral laws, hang the INE and the TEPJF budget.

I will change the rules, attributions and faculties, I will elect the INE Councilors, because I am the most popular, the most loved by the people. The others represent nothing, nothing matters, I have already given all the qualifiers and offenses they deserve, and I fell short.

That’s why now, I’m going to express myself and thank you for supporting my 4T. A transformation that has managed to incorporate 6.5 million more poor people who feed my electoral base. I don’t hear other voices, I don’t need it. I know what project I’m going to transit. I am going to succeed in 2024, whatever the cost. Because I am going to banish those who controlled Mexico. I am going to reverse measures that compromised our sovereignty for the sake of globalization.

The YO-YO behaves like this. He didn’t like the birthday present from him. The tantrum is huge because between The King of Cash, the Macaws and now the march for democracy #ElINENoSeToca, managed to get him out of his boxes. Now his honesty, his popularity, his truth, his family are being questioned. And that cannot be allowed.

In fact, it is inconsequential how many attend his march. He does not express a popular will. What is interesting in this case is that it was always said that there was no opposition; an attempt was made to divide the Va Por México alliance, some progress was made. And so, suddenly, social networks are the means for civil society organizations to call to take to the streets to show their faces and not just remain in criticism and virtual protests. It began with the National Civic Front and soon six organizations joined to form [email protected], and 35 civil organizations joined the call. The march was national, 32 entities registered marches in 60 cities, close to one million 200 thousand people demonstrated, according to the information compiled by the FCN itself. Internationally, there were also marches in European cities, the US and Canada.

Even though many civil organizations do not want to have contact with the parties, on this occasion they were summoned because the message was addressed to their legislators and their votes. PAN, PRI and PRD attended and made the commitment to represent us.

Neither the organizers had any idea how many would attend, the biggest propagandist was YO-YO, because he probably did have more information and by trying to sow discord he strengthened the call. Thus, organizations, citizens, who did not have a way to express their dissatisfaction suddenly found an option; They used it and the movement is just beginning. Contrary to the government and its party, there are no structures, no resources, collegiate decisions are made, with the difficulties of the case and suggestions are circulated. The first proposes to wear pink and white garments on the 27th and continue with personal and family activities.

The purpose is to achieve the greatest possible unity of the opposition forces around a single candidacy, promote coalition governments that make collegiate decisions; achieve coalition legislative majorities that make the best decisions for the country; build a government program based on the proposals of the population. It seeks to recover democratic balances in the exercise of power in favor of all. It is not an easy task, it requires effort, work, organization and citizen participation. But there is a way, a hope against the authoritarianism that casts its shadow on us.

The YO-YO is going to reform electoral laws to stop the process of a change in the political system to continue its democratizing process. But Mexico is no longer the country of one man. We are an important nation in the world context, we are part of the largest regional bloc in the world, we have increased productivity, exports, we have attracted capital and investment, created jobs, achieved consensus electoral reforms that banish conflicts within a framework of certainty, transparency, equity and legality. We still need to close the gaps between regions and social groups, a historical pending that we must solve with adequate social policies, not charitable, but to overcome poverty.

Yes, there are many challenges, but as we are going, they will not be overcome. On the contrary, health, education, economy, employment, liberties, investment, culture, democracy, institutions are going backwards, the destruction is impressive. Reconstruction will require the efforts of the new generations, the experience of other actors, a new form of government based on communities. A new governance to unite efforts and different visions that contribute the differences to find the best solution. Mexico is on the move.

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