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From YouTube to your plate: like other Internet celebrities such as Luisito Comunica’s Japanese food or Juampa Zurita’s tacos, now the influencer ‘Werevertumorro’, Gabriel Montiel, has entered the restaurant business.

‘Werevertumorro’ was one of the first YouTube celebrities in becoming famous when the application began to have its peak in 2010. After a decade amassing his fame, the youtuber now kneads… in the kitchen.

A few days ago, on November 11, Gabriel opened SAOS: Sabores de Origen, which specializes in national dishes and international with a gourmet touch. Their social networks assure that they offer “flavors that will awaken your senses” in Juriquilla, Querétaro.

After the inauguration, Werevertumorro uploaded a video to his networks where he commented: “We continue without processing what happened at our inauguration! Thank you to everyone who has supported this project! From a message to having gone to SAOS. You who are reading me: this is for you and you make it possible, thank you! No more; It only remains to say… Welcome to SAOS!

What is the OSAS restaurant of ‘Werevertumorro’ like?

The place is a dark building with two floors, the upper part is adapted as a club / bar. The site houses several tables arranged around a white wine cellar, inside there are several murals, such as a jaguar that “represents strength and vitality, referring us to our ancient origins” or a replica of The girl of the pearlby Johannes Vermeer.

The menu of the site is very extensive, since it offers the opportunity to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with meat dishespasta, tacos and even sandwiches to satisfy hunger while one enjoys the atmosphere of the place.

The SAOS restaurant contains its own wine cellar.  (Photo: Instagram / @saosjuriquilla)

Entrees range from 150 pesos (beetroot toast) to 310 (provolone cheese with cherry tomato), most are around 250 pesos, such as: shrimp guachile, Roman squid or peasant mussels.

There are soup options ranging from 130 to 180 Mexican pesos or salads that they do not rise above 190 pesos; the taquitos could not be missing, they serve:

  • Fish chicharrón tacos in 90 pesos for two pieces.
  • Four pieces of marinated al pastor tacos for 155 pesos.
  • Four-piece breaded breast tacos for 135 pesos.

Also, for those with a ‘good tooth’, there is meat cuts like New York, Arracheraamong others, in a range of 300 to 400 pesos.

In drinks they serve varied options from 35 to 90 Mexican pesos, although one of the outstanding issues on the menu is the cocktail barsome are even mixtures with ancho chile liqueur.

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For dessert, diners can find options for 95 pesos, such as cheesecake, lemon pie, chocolate cake, and homemade flan.

Open every day of the week in a schedule from 2:00 p.m. to two in the morning. Currently it only has one branch within Querétaro. An average check is around 500 pesos at the restaurant.

  • Where? Science Boulevard, 76230 Juriquilla, Querétaro.
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