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The Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, loved, sang and wrote. He was one of the representative members of Nueva Trova, his death leaves a silence on stage, but also as a legacy a voice that continues to resound in the world of music: Chan Chan, I don’t ask you anymore, the love of my life, the gate of alcala and one of the most emotional is Yolanda, a “declaration of love”.

“This can only be a song / I would like it to be a declaration of love… If you miss me I will not die / if I have to die I want it to be with you”, says at the beginning this topic of 1982.

Who is ‘Yolanda’, from the song by Pablo Milanés?

The song is named the second wife of the singer: Yolanda Benet, who became the muse one of the artist’s most resounding successes due to the passionate relationship they both had during their marriage.

Yolanda is originally from Cienfuegos, Cuba but in her teens she moved to Havana with her parents. In that city she dedicated herself to the entertainment industry as an assistant director. In accordance with Vanity Fair, Yolanda Benet and Pablo Milanés met in the 1960s.

Yolanda met the singer when she was taking the first steps in her solo career after being part of the group Los Bucaneros.

At that time, the Cuban was married to Olga Ayoub, but they divorced in 1969 and it was in that year that he married Benet. From that union were born Lynn, Liam and Suylén, who was also a singer and passed away on January 30, 2022.

Vanity Fair explains that the iconic song of Yolanda a day arose when the wife of Pablo Milanés asked him to sing a new song for her.

It has been said that the Cuban singer-songwriter created it alone a few days after Lynn was bornthe first of the couple’s three daughters, also say that she was paralyzed when she heard it for the first time.

The first verses of the hit explain the emotions that the Cuban singer felt next to his “eternally Yolanda”:

“This can’t be no more than a song

I would like it to be a declaration of love

Romantic without repair in such ways

Put a stop to what I feel now in abundance


If you miss me I will not die

If I have to die I want it to be with you

My loneliness feels accompanied

That’s why sometimes I know that I need


When I saw you I knew it was true

This fear of being found out

You undress me with seven reasons

You open my chest whenever you fill me up


If I ever feel defeated

I give up seeing the sun every morning

Praying the creed that you have taught me

I look at your face and say at the window



Eternally Yolanda.

Yolanda Benet and Pablo Milanés divorced in 1973, but they maintained a good relationship over the years.

What did Pablo Milanés die of?

The Cuban died in a Spanish hospital after having been hospitalized for complications derived from a type of cancer with whom he lived.

The revelation arose from a statement published by the Pablo Milanés Art Office in which they lamented his death.

“It is with great pain and sadness that we regret to report that the teacher Pablo Milanés has passed away this morning of November 22 in Madrid”, it was also explained that the singer-songwriter had been hospitalized since the 12th of this month for infections related to his illness.

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